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Sincerely Great…Pumpkin?

My friend, Neil Remington Abramson, wrote about common themes and a common deity, across religions. Another friend responded, highlighting an Islamic perspective. Lorne also responded, as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): Another reasoned response from Neil, and I wish … Continue reading

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Peter Sweetzir: Music Zone, Always

Most of the older musicians I know no longer play professionally. After the glory days, many stopped playing entirely. Income stream being too insecure, or too low. Peter Sweetzir is among the smaller group of musicians who never stopped. I … Continue reading

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Poor Otto

We pretend pigs are dumber than bricks, but they are smarter than dogs. In a comment to “Must Have Belonged To Some Jew“, my friend, Neil Remington Abramson discussed dehumanization, in the context of animal slaughter and, in particular, of … Continue reading

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Bash & Pop: Sideline, Too Brief

Don’t know what you mean Undecided Doesn’t make it easier To be nothing You know I stayed too long Until now You never said hello I never said goodbye Another CD mystery. Liked the title: Friday Night Is Killing Me. … Continue reading

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Self-Constructed Disgrace II

Read the news, with great sadness. I have known this person since 1995, when I first started work on Parliament Hill, with the research bureau of the Reform Party. He was the primary author of the Taxpayers Budget; I came … Continue reading

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Dear Dr. Abramson: No Doom

A friend had written in response to my concerns about the recent “anti film” rioting by Muslims. My friend, Neil Remington Abramson, also wrote on the topic, with cross-religion references. On September 25, 2012, my first friend wrote further, as … Continue reading

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Predator Theme

Based on what I have seen recently, and what I have seen, over the years: I aim to break you down I am soft and sensitive Then cold, so cold Want to see your tears On the getback Then I … Continue reading

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Sara x 2

Tearing apart The heart You turned around No time Is a good time For goodbye Move on It’s no good To go back in time Bill Champlin: Thirty years later. One voice, one electric piano, same emotion: Jefferson Starship: Similarly, … Continue reading

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“Must have belonged to some Jew”

When my marriage ended, I asked for, and received, all the rings. Several years later, gave a particularly precious one to my partner, who promptly lost it, within a week. Made for one particular finger. Otherwise cursed. Wedding rings to … Continue reading

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Crack In Glass

My doctorate looks at me every day, in my law office. There is a crack that runs through the glass. Says many things. Occasional glass of life. The crack that does not shatter. Frame one’s own meaning out of damage. … Continue reading

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