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Don’t Care About Your Wife

Distance from family tests one’s weaknesses. Didn’t always pass the test, but also didn’t fail it completely. From 1987 to 1994, was working and studying away from my family, on average four days a week, eight months of the year. … Continue reading

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Silence In The Line

One year later. This month, last year, standing in line for several hours to pay tribute to the coffin of Jack Layton. Line winding down from Centre Block on Parliament Hill, all around the East Block. Quiet voices throughout. Nobody … Continue reading

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New Cactus Band

One album: Son of Cactus (1973). Referenced to the Cactus band, a quasi-supergroup, with Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice, from Vanilla Fudge, and Rusty Day, from the Amboy Dukes. None of them present on this outing. By this time, it … Continue reading

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Pride, (Dis)Grace, Solitude

In an earlier piece, I wrote as follows: Life moves on, positively, at least on balance. A few years ago, when I attended the wedding reception of my gay Conservative co-worker (yes, those anti-gay marriage Conservatives), I was struck by … Continue reading

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Cindy Blackman: Drums

35 seconds as to why Cindy Blackman is an important musician: Developed her reputation with Lenny Kravitz, here in 2005: And when the video for the original song came out (1993): Live on TV, later time, but similar time: Later, … Continue reading

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Post August 24

Always important to follow up on public concerns, such as in relation to the August 24 opposition demonstration in Egypt. Lots of concerns about levels of violence. Don’t recall seeing anything in Canadian television on this, or much elsewhere. Not … Continue reading

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Dion Conversion

What is truth, and who has authority to define it? I understood forgiveness, of a greater degree than any sin you could commit. Dion has had this sense of peace for so many years. I remembered that he had had … Continue reading

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Going South

In relation to the following Washington Times story, my friend, Neil Remington Abramson, commented as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): I wonder if Paul Martin could come out of retirement to run the USA Ministry of Finance. Jean Chr├ętien … Continue reading

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Social Costs

People in rural Alberta will find ways to keep their facility running. Story from The Western Producer, concerning the closure of a care facility for the elderly in rural Alberta. Benefits of centralization, dontcha know, cantcha know. As in so … Continue reading

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Eric Burdon: I Will Be With You Again

Eric Burdon, 1988. Long after his hitmaking prime, but still prime. From the album I Used To Be An Animal, which was also the title of his first memoir, published in 1986. Always had the voice, plus many hits that … Continue reading

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