Cat Mother: Love Until Your Heart Breaks

Cat Mother were basically one-hit wonders, in terms of the Top 40, with “Good Old Rock and Roll”:

Ended up entwined and then disengaged from Jimi Hendrix’ manager, Mike Jeffrey, and where their claim to fame is that their album was produced by Jimi Hendrix. His only production of another group (?).

They released four albums, showing that they were much more than the one hit, as with this eight minutes, from 1972:

They had a small Wikipedia page, which I expanded. Found out that late guitarist and vocalist Roy Michaels, who died of cancer in 2008, had relocated to Thailand, changed his name to Loy Bones and continued in music as such. With his friend, Bob Schmidt (aka Doppler Bob) he created Loy Bones The Band, and promoted the music via MySpace. You can tell that he was a professional talent of long standing.

What makes this band particularly interesting is that virtually every member continued in music. No shutdown at 30. In a band originally formed in 1967, most continue in music, well into their 60s.

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