New York Street Halal

53rd and 6th Halal Cart, New York City, 2:00 a.m.
Credit: Michael N.

On the recommendation of Harvey Glatt, I have subscribed to The Lefsetz Letter for the last couple of years. Bob Lefsetz primarily comments on the state of the music industry and particular bands, past and present. that he admires. From time to time, he comments on other topics that are of interest to him.

As extracted from the Bob Lefetz article, “53rd and 6th Halal Cart“, here is his take on what appears to be his first taste of halal. His time-honoured repeat message: quality sells itself.

…we saw the line. At 53rd and 6th. But it was the middle of the day. I didn’t pay it that much attention. People need to eat lunch. But after midnight, when we returned…(t)he line at 53rd and 6th (was) twenty deep. After midnight?

I had to check this out. Nothing special. Just meat on a grill. But now I was intrigued.

…And it was after that I had the halal. That’s what they sell at the cart at 53rd and 6th. Halal. Which is meat on a grill. Beef and chicken. With white sauce…

Not that I didn’t have to wait. The guy behind me was from Sweden… How does everybody know?

And the proprietor and his assistant couldn’t have been less interested. One was on the cell phone the whole time and the other wouldn’t even talk to me, or anyone else.

…it was the food highlight of the weekend. The beef was just a little crisp, almost burnt on the edges, exactly the way I like it. And it wasn’t low rent meat. And the chicken didn’t have the bland taste of the hormone birds. And the sauce made the whole concoction work. I couldn’t stop eating it.

… I fret that the younger generation has skewed values, believing bankers are kings.
You want to know who are kings?

Those Middle Eastern guys at 53rd and 6th. They’ve got a line. That’s how good their product is. It’s selling itself. No advertising. No hawking.

Musicians could take a lesson from them.

But before you take the lesson, eat the food; it’s fantastic!

Halal Cart by V.T.
“They were so fast…”

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