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Avoidable Passages

It’s all gone Sail on Ain’t nothing for you here now I walk your chambers Your empty halls Story in the July 30 National Post: Shrinking numbers force Charlottetown monastery to close after 83 years This time it’s the Sisters … Continue reading

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Cat Mother II

Wrote about how Cat Mother was much more than a one hit wonder. They could fool you. You think you are listening to this somewhat idealistic song about the Redwood Forest, and then they hit you with wild vibraphone: Or … Continue reading

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Cat Mother: Love Until Your Heart Breaks

Cat Mother were basically one-hit wonders, in terms of the Top 40, with “Good Old Rock and Roll”: Ended up entwined and then disengaged from Jimi Hendrix’ manager, Mike Jeffrey, and where their claim to fame is that their album … Continue reading

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Dianne Heatherington: We’ll Always Be Dancers

Have previously written about the late Dianne Heatherington, whose memory is particularly preserved in the words of her late keyboard player, Mark Rutherford. Have wondered how her memory is being preserved through her estate. There is so little available. Her … Continue reading

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Next Year Stones II

A year ago, in Next Year Stones, Neil Remington Abramson started a small Christian-Muslim debate on such a pedestrian topic as the meaning of life. Is it the legacy you leave, or is it how you have prepared yourself for … Continue reading

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Surprised Family Fan

Drummer Gerry Wand has previously written of how his music career commenced in Western Canada, including playing with legendary artists Billy Cowsill and John Witmer, among others and, after joining the band Fosterchild, being part of the backup band for … Continue reading

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Chuck Berry: Saskatoon Money Run

Chuck Berry is 85. This fall, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will honour him with a weeklong celebration, as part of its American Music Masters series. Past honorees include Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin and Woody Guthrie. Chuck Berry … Continue reading

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Easy National Amnesia

Brief Associated Press story in Metro Ottawa, June 23, 2012. Summary sidebar set of stories, easy to miss: Poland Members of Poland’s Jewish community and other Poles have marked the 70th anniversary of the first deportations from the Warsaw ghetto … Continue reading

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Koerner, Murphy, Raitt

Saw “Spider” John Koerner at Le Hibou 1970 or so, with this dynamic keyboard player, Willie Murphy. They did one album together, with this title song: Could go from the barrelhouse to the introspective “I Ain’t Blue”: With a beautiful … Continue reading

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Regulator and Regulated

The relationship between the regulator and the regulated was evolving, some time ago, as I discovered when researching and writing my doctoral dissertation (1993). Major issue: what are the limits of regulatory discretion, particularly regulatory discretion to not enforce the … Continue reading

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