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“Moral Imperatives, Badly Served”

Speaking with someone who has studied the Middle East for decades. Framed the current state of things as follows: Western democracies have a tendency to support secular despots with varying degrees of criminality, and then drop them. The despots end … Continue reading

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Drew Nelson: Welcome Coverage

So many artists write songs that have a timeless quality, but also regrettably remain static. So many songs that merit being covered by others, but aren’t, presumably because they are not as well known as they should be. One such … Continue reading

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Other Badfinger

I can remember some other time Without the hits: “Day After Day“, “Without You“, “No Matter What” and similar, from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Two albums from 1974, Badfinger and Wish You Were Here , where things were … Continue reading

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Necessary Ego

I had a friend a while back, whom I don’t see that much any more. Actually, more of a good acquaintance, since her personality makeup seemed to be such that friendship with anyone, or a least most people, was impossible. … Continue reading

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Budka Suflera

Picked up a remaindered CD: Budka Suflera – Greatest Hits II. Felt a bit ridiculous knowing nothing about a band releasing its second greatest hits album. Turns out that Budka Suflera is a seminal Polish rock band. Little English airplay, … Continue reading

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International Islamic Conspiracy

While the old story revolves around security, portraying American Muslims as potential terrorists or terrorist sympathizers, the new narrative operates more along the axis of culture. Simple acts of religious or cultural expression and the straightforward activities of Muslim daily … Continue reading

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Marriage Preparation Class

Catholic marriage, since there is no divorce, requires a marriage preparation class. Purpose being to emphasize to those wishing to marry in the Catholic church how indissoluble the marriage is, and to ideally cause those who don’t buy into the … Continue reading

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Sam Cooke, Eric Burdon and Elvin Bishop: Bring It On Home

The Eric Burdon classic version: Nicely rearranged version by Elvin Bishop, featuring Mickey Thomas and Reni Slais: With the original, by Sam Cooke: 2012 as the 50th anniversary of the original release of the song. One of those songs that … Continue reading

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Leeroy Stagger: Steve Earle Spirit

Sorry for the things I’ve done Lord knows that I’ve had some fun Wasn’t ever trying to hurt no one But myself Not anyone else Have two CDs and an EP by Leeroy Stagger. All remaindered. All timeless, and priceless. … Continue reading

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Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Ron Wood: Plynth

Just like water down the drain I’m wasting away Another song from Beck-Ola (1969), written by Rod Stewart, Ron Wood and Nicky Hopkins, that still stands up nicely: Carried over to Faces, with a slide guitar rearrangement that pumps it … Continue reading

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