Where Did She/Her Estate Go?

Cover of Heatherington Rocks (1980)
Source: http://www.raisedoncanadianradio.blogspot.ca

Subject: Wondering what status is of CFMDC [Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre] 1980 documentary on Dianne Heatherington, “Soul Survivor”

I have been trying to track down a DVD version of a documentary on the late Dianne Heatherington. I thought that the documentary was produced by the National Film Board. It appears that it was distributed, if not also produced by the CFMDC, if this link to documentaries from 1980 is accurate.

When I search your site, nothing comes up. The film is extracted at the Dianne Heatherington tribute site, though I don’t know if they are working with an original:


Could you advise me as to the current status of this fim and your continuing proprietary interest in same?

Many thanks in advance. My interest is primarily as a fan, wanting to obtain a DVD copy. I saw the film at the time of its first television airing and remain impressed with its theme. From a business perspective, a DVD of the film plus a CD version of her only album “Heatherington Rocks” (also 1980; Epic Records and apparently not yet released on CD) would make an attractive and highly marketable package, in my view.

E-mail from Bruce La Rochelle to Lauren Howes, Director of the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, August 19, 2008.

Response from Ms. Howes, August 25, 2008:

Hi Bruce,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you – I have extensively searched our database and we have no record of Soul Survivor. The CFMDC has only ever been a distributor and not a producer. I can only suggest going to the NFB to see if they know anything. Sorry I couldn’t have been more help.

All the best,
Lauren Howes

Wrote with admiration about a lengthy recollection by Mark Rutherford on the late Dianne Heatherington, written shortly before Mark’s own death. Remembered seeing this detailed tribute site (www.dianneheatherington.com) to Dianne a few years ago, at the time I was adding to her Wikipedia page. When I checked at the time of reproducing Mark’s piece, the site was no longer up. It looked like one of the principal contributors to the site, her former drummer, Vance Masters, had put up a fair bit of material separately, via http://www.members.shaw.ca/vancemasters/. Can’t get to it as well, now.

At the time of contributing to her Wikipedia page, I wondered what had happened to the Soul Survivor film. I inquired of the National Film Board, to no avail. They suggested going to the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, which I did, from the e-mail correspondence reproduced above. Nothing.

Now no detailed tribute site or other accessible recollection, other than the one by Mark Rutherford. Somewhere, someone has rights to an exceptional album, that has yet to be reproduced on CD. Couldn’t find it in a brief iTunes search. Seems to only be available in a less than apparently legal download. My recollection is that she owned the record, having bought the masters when her former record company, GRT Records, went bankrupt. Unless she then sold all rights to Epic Records, which ultimately released the album. But, if so, why not re-release or make available in digital format? The film is still nowhere to be found.

How fragile an artist’s legacy can sometimes become. Everything on some mystery train here, at least in terms of public knowledge.

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