Dandelion will make you wise
Blow away, dandelion

Was at my ex-wife’s house, celebrating Mothers’ Day, with our children. My ex-wife has a sense of situational perfection, both inside and out. In the sundown, looking out the back, saw the dandelions ready to spread the seeds; the telltale puffballs, following the yellow flower. Visual obscenity, in terms of my ex-wife’s outdoors. Went out and took off the tops as quickly as possible.

These days, in so many neighbourhoods, it seems that people have given up, in relation to the dandelions. The city, having banned pesticides a few years ago, doesn’t seem to have even tried to counter the spread of dandelions. Yellow flowers everywhere. Now, some of my neighbours’ propterties look like city fields.

Wrote to my city councillor a year ago. Suggested that he consider a program to hire students to simply dig out the dandelions on city property, and plant some grass. No reply.

Even City Hall is overrun. Ottawa Tulip Festival becoming an exposition of dandelion types, assuming there is more than one.

You can’t just mow them down. They have to be dug out. If one doesn’t want to dig, or hasn’t the time to do so, at least take off the tops, before they spread more. Not happening.

There was a time when I would see people collecting dandelions in city parks, for nutritional purposes or dandelion wine. No need anymore. Easy to cultivate one’s personal crop.

Seems so regrettable. The other side of no pesticides is a need to get down and dig, with the city as the exemplar. Since the city doesn’t seem to care…

Something that can be good for you, but is generally bad. With no intervention, it quickly overtakes everything else.

On the other hand, Keith Richards’ eldest daughter, now known as Angela, was originally named Dandelion. Maybe more than the song:

Postscript, May 15, 2012: Just discovered that, as of a year ago, someone proposed that there be an Ottawa Dandelion Festival. Also found out from this post that there is an annual dandelion festival in Kemptville, Ontario. Comes up in a week and a half. The festival, that is.

Postscript, May 15, 2012: Imprecision in the description. No longer strictly local, the Ottawa Tulip Festival is now known (maybe always was known?) as the Canadian Tulip Festival.


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One Response to Dandelion

  1. On May 16, 2012, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (e-mail correspondence and photo reproduced with permission):

    Dandelions in Vancouver

    This is at Ambleside, in North Vancouver, looking towards the Burrard Inlet and Lions Gate Bridge. And I don’t recall poison being outlawed on the North Shore, though no doubt it is across the water, in green (and yellow) Vancouver. The dandelions are waiting in the wind.

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