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Money, No Music

Was at the Juno Banquet a couple of months ago, on March 31; second time attendance. Part of supporting the awards process and to demonstrate gratitude for being able to particpate in the voting, as a member of the Canadian … Continue reading

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Civilization Music

My friend, Neil Remingon Abramson, commented about a video game that he had once become addicted to: Civilization. Given the earlier comments from Angela Weng and David Ma concerning video game music, wondered about the music for Civilization. Turns out … Continue reading

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Where Did She/Her Estate Go?

Subject: Wondering what status is of CFMDC [Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre] 1980 documentary on Dianne Heatherington, “Soul Survivor” I have been trying to track down a DVD version of a documentary on the late Dianne Heatherington. I thought that the … Continue reading

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“I have an education. I practised law.”

On the bus, around 5:30 p.m. or so. Into reading; don’t look up or around. Start realizing that there is a conversation going on across from me, but that it is basically one person’0s conversation with himself, despite two people … Continue reading

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The Overnight

I remember reading about how author John Grisham was able to compose his first novels, while still working full-time as a defence counsel–as well as, I now understand, a modestly-paid ($8,000 per year) legislator in the State of Mississippi. He … Continue reading

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Rolling Stones: I’m Going Down

When you’re down There’s just nothing But the powers that be I know you’re right I know You’re going down A single that never was, ending up owned by Allen Klein, and now by his estate. From the Metamorphosis album, … Continue reading

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Optical Negotiation II

Wrote about the student “strike” in Quebec, primarily by way of quoting from an editorial in the Ottawa Sun. Am inclined to do the same, with reference to the May 23 editorial, “Riot culture firmly established“: The Quebec government of … Continue reading

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John Witmer II

Previously wrote about the late Canadian blues singer, John Witmer. There is such a legacy that artists create, with the artists themselves perhaps being the most modest in appreciation as to how longstanding their contribution might be. Here are some … Continue reading

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Kinks: Yo-Yo

You had me dangling Like a yo-yo on a string, But with you at the controls I could accomplish anything You were just playing I was a little boy But when I grew into a man You just threw away … Continue reading

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Legal Civility, Of Sorts

I have written about how, within the law firm with which I am associated, it is very important to be calm, civil and generally positive. No prima donna or wiredup behaviours. When I am in the main Ottawa courthouse, I … Continue reading

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