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Film Noir

Wrote about Obsessed as being film noir. Purists would dispute, perhaps, or likely. To me, it’s this idea of a negative undercurrent throughout a film, some danger that is very close to the surface dialogue and situations. Lots of shadows … Continue reading

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Idris Alba, Ali Larter: Obsessed

When the film came out in 2009, Obsessed seemed to be marketed as a BeyoncĂ© movie. Ended up with a number of negative reviews, based on criticisms of what was not there. No explanation of the background of Ali Larter’s … Continue reading

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Daily Focus II

I have written about how important it was to be living near a Catholic church, at the time of the Montreal Massacre. Since the Catholic church, much like synagogues and mosques (and Hindu and Buddhist temples?), is open every day … Continue reading

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John Mellencamp: Trouble No More

Didn’t recognize it when I picked it up, used, at the Ottawa Public Library bookstore. Didn’t know what John Mellencamp had been up to recently. Actually, it wasn’t that recent; Trouble No More had been released in 2003. Should have … Continue reading

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Jennifer Jason Leigh, Stephen Lang, James Fox: Last Exit

I read the 1964 book, Last Exit to Brooklyn, by Hubert Selby Jr., in the late 1970s. While riding the Toronto subway, I remember reading passages that had a freeze effect. Could not look up, down or around. Could not … Continue reading

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Box of the Moment

In June of 1966, I had been in Ottawa for roughly a month, my family having returned there from Saskatoon. Ottawa was where both of my parents had been born, and grew up. I ended up with unexpected accelerations and … Continue reading

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Constitutional Acceptance

Today, April 17, 2012, is the thirtieth anniversary of the signing of the Constitution and, in particular, of the establishment of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada. Later that year, every lawyer in Canada received a copy of … Continue reading

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