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Angela Gots: Nadia

It seems that guest appearances can be very positive introductions. Was watching an episode of The Beast: “Nadia“. Third episode of the season. Watching what I missed over two years ago, now out on DVD. Encountered the main guest actress, … Continue reading

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Prince: Thieves in The Temple

They don’t care where they kick Just as long as they hurt you Prince: Thieves in The Temple. Song from 1990. Another one that sticks and doesn’t easily let go, nearly a quarter of a century later. _____________________________________ Postscript, August … Continue reading

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All Level Fiscals

My friend, Neil Remington Abramson, originally intended to comment in relation to some points I made, questioning the wisdom of destroying educational infrastructure. His sentiments ended up covering a wider territory, so I wanted to publish them separately, and do … Continue reading

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Language of The Law

Worked with him while training to become a Chartered Accountant. I was in my late twenties, while he was in his mid to late forties. Great sophistication and culture about him. Remember when we were auditing a credit union of … Continue reading

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Marjorie Nichols: Gift of The Terminal

Was watching an episode of The Beast and marveling at how Patrick Swayze, in the midst of terminal cancer, was delivering performances of a depth I had never seen before. Thinking about how Jack Layton was so different in the … Continue reading

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Soul Survivors: Expressway to Your Heart

Simile. Romance as an expressway; lots of traffic jams. Reminds me of Harvey Scales’ “Love-Itis”, where one needs a prescription to address the disease: Or Hendrix, moving the Soul Survivors’ theme into “Crosstown Traffic” in 1968, one year after the … Continue reading

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Longer Term Educational Costs

The easy optics; sell the schools: Trustees urge sale of empty schools By Matthew Pearson, The Ottawa Citizen April 21, 2012 As Ottawa’s public school board struggles to meet the demands for building new schools in burgeoning suburbs and renovating … Continue reading

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Film Noir

Wrote about Obsessed as being film noir. Purists would dispute, perhaps, or likely. To me, it’s this idea of a negative undercurrent throughout a film, some danger that is very close to the surface dialogue and situations. Lots of shadows … Continue reading

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Idris Alba, Ali Larter: Obsessed

When the film came out in 2009, Obsessed seemed to be marketed as a Beyoncé movie. Ended up with a number of negative reviews, based on criticisms of what was not there. No explanation of the background of Ali Larter’s … Continue reading

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Daily Focus II

I have written about how important it was to be living near a Catholic church, at the time of the Montreal Massacre. Since the Catholic church, much like synagogues and mosques (and Hindu and Buddhist temples?), is open every day … Continue reading

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