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Pacific Gas & Electric: Are You Ready

Are you ready to sit by His throne? Are you ready not to be alone? Someone’s coming to take you home And if you’re ready then we’ll carry on An anthem from 1970; still talks today: Pacific Gas & Electric: … Continue reading

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Board Connection

Walking home from the bus, 10 p.m. or so. Walking on the sidewalk to a major residential street. Cars coming by regularly, but not incessantly. Couple walking in front of me, holding hands. One holding a skateboard. She looks back. … Continue reading

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Religious Overlay On The Civil

That person who is awake in those who sleep, shaping desire after desire; that, indeed, is the pure. That is the Brahman that, indeed, is called the Immortal. In it all the worlds rest, and no one ever goes beyond … Continue reading

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David Johansen: Luncheonette

I get all the love I need In a luncheonette In just one´╗┐ glance So let’s just dance He pleads, the voice is off, then it cranks up to his Jagger-like swagger, with vocals STILL off. But somehow, it works: … Continue reading

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No Eulogy

Attended the funeral of the former longstanding minister of Rideau Park United Church, Reverend “Ott” McKennitt. Attended the funeral of his wife Flora, a year earlier. They were central to the church in the 1960s, when my mother attended there … Continue reading

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An Other Citizen

New leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party, Thomas Mulcair, doesn’t seem to think it is any big deal that he still retains dual French citizenship. Apparently didn’t even think of giving it up, prior to commencing his leadership campaign several … Continue reading

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Hand On Shoulder

In 1993-1994, my second year as a full-time business professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, I was living in a sixplex, on the Kitchener side. Always a social statement as to on which side one chose to reside: Kitchener or Waterloo. … Continue reading

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