Witch Hunt

A friend. whose tough stance on life I admire very much, is going through some organizational ripup. I asked her how she was doing, and she gave me one more for the quote book:

Management is on a witch hunt. And I’m the witch.

Given my doctoral studies in organizational behaviour, the witch hunt starts the running. Turns out there is a rich literature relating abusive supervision to organizational deviance. What seems to be missing is whether the organizational deviance is perceived or actual. In other words, the witch becomes the witch through the lens of the abusive supervisor, who needs a target, real or otherwise. Others then share the lens.

Causes me to wonder how many employees, victimized by abusive supervisors, end up wrongfully categorized as troublemakers by the larger social environment of an organization. My friend is the coolest of the cool, the toughest of the tough. Still, everyone has a breaking point: loss of faith to loss of self. Can’t catch me, but I’m easy to fool:


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