Dusty Springfield: What’s It Gonna Be

And when I’m hurtin’
I can’t stop hurtin’

Two minutes or so, with a clip that cuts out. Song that should have multiple covers. I know of none. Bought the single in a discount bin, late 1960s. They used to package the remaindered singles, wrap them in plastic, 4 or 10 for a dollar. Hadn’t heard it before, but can’t get it out of my head, since. Maybe no covers because, quite likely, Dusty Springfield couldn’t be topped on this one:

Worth hearing again, in a clearer version. Nice bass break and soul chorus at the end:

Then found other TV versions. This is one that can be played over and over, and still sounds fresh:

Postscript, January 19, 2012: Found a cover version by the great Barbara Acklin:

Dusty clearly owns the song, but still, for Barbara Acklin to record it…


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4 Responses to Dusty Springfield: What’s It Gonna Be

  1. Simon Bell says:

    Dusty Springfield also covered Barbara Acklin, with Dusty’s version of “Am I The Same Girl” (1969) being a Barbara Acklin original (1968) that Dusty admired.

  2. The comment from Simon Bell comes from someone whom I now know is a singer, songwriter and performer who worked with Dusty Springfield for many years. His personal website is accessible here, while his very detailed Dusty Springfield website, Dusty Devotedly, is accessible here. His Wikipedia profile is accessible here.

  3. Barbara Acklin’s original version of “Am I The Same Girl” (1968):

    Dusty Springfield’s cover of “Am I The Same Girl” (1969):

  4. Should have figured out why the song had such a punch. Written by Jerry Ragovoy and Mort Shuman.

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