Sophie B. Hawkins: Beautiful Girl, Right Beside

Was at a bin of remaindered CDs. Found Sophie B. Hawkins’ Wilderness album. Released in 2004; never saw it before. Makes sense, in that Sophie B. Hawkins had encountered the all-too typical “artistic differences” with her record label. In this case, Sophie chose perceived artistic integrity over the requests of Sony Music to alter some of her third album, Timbre. She had first succeeded in 1992 with “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover“, from her Tongues and Tails album. She then encountered similar success in 1994 with “As I Lay Me Down” and “Right Beside You“, from her Whaler album.

I find “Right Beside You” to be particularly strong, but found the related official video to be with too many flash images and muddled theme. Hence this version:

To compare with the official video:

By 2001, she had her own record label, Trumpet Swan Records, which didn’t do much until 2004, beyond re-releasing the Timbre album, which Sony was said to have not promoted, following the artist-record label dispute. Her first album of new material on her own label was the Wilderness album, released in 2004, with the single “Beautiful Girl”:

Seems to have a similarly strong attractiveness and musical complexity as with “Right Beside You”. Didn’t seem to go anywhere, much like the album and much like the independent label, as is too often the case.

Wish she had the resources behind her to get her music to a much larger audience. As things are now, she seems to be stuck as, at best, a three-hit wonder, from 1992-1994.

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