Another Night; Time to Hide

How so many songs can blend, both in terms of melody and theme. Have very much liked The Hollies, generally at earlier periods of their career, or at less commercial points of their later career. Allan Clarke having a distinct vocal.

Amazing harmonies and jangle guitar of “Look Through Any Window” standing up 45 years later:

Ten years later, they were into a major fade, with stronger material:

Which seemed to have some influence on the melodies and themes of the time. At least, in terms of a complementary song by Denny Laine, when with Paul McCartney’s Wings:

Wonder if there are any Denny Laine-Hollies collaborations; would seem to blend quite nicely. Turns out that this is more than speculation, at least in part. Denny Laine now playing with ex-Hollie Terry Sylvester. Will be interesting to hear the results. Now, if Allan Clarke could be brought into the mix…
Postscript, December 26, 2011: Just noticed that Terry Sylvester co-wrote every song on the Another Night album, with the exception of the Hollies’ cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Sandy”.

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