Glenda Jackson

Glenda Jackson. First saw her at a double bill a the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa in 1972 or so: Women In Love (1969), for which she won the 1970 Oscar as Best Actress, and Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971), for which she was nominated for a 1972 Oscar as Best Actress. Back in the days when you could watch the double bill all day, if you wanted.

Here is a small example of her talent, in Women In Love:

Here is a series of images, from her film and political careers:

Here she is in her 1974 Best Actress Oscar performance, in A Touch of Class (1973):

As of 1992, at the age of 56, she entered the world of politics, being elected as a member of the British Labour Party. She has been a Member of Parliament for nearly twenty years now. Here she is in 2010, demonstrating how a background in theatre and film can be so effective in politics:

With a similar precision of elocution found throughout her career as an actor:

Which she then applies to her criticism of the British budget:

Wondering whether any major Canadian actor has ever sat in the Canadian House of Commons. How effective such a person would likely be…

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