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Miller Anderson: All Over and Under

Miller Anderson has been active in music for almost half a century. Often supporting larger bands, yet personally coming close to carrying entire albums, despite being a semi-visiting band member. Here he is, in 2009, doing the song “Boogie Brothers”, … Continue reading

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Sophie B. Hawkins: Beautiful Girl, Right Beside

Was at a bin of remaindered CDs. Found Sophie B. Hawkins’ Wilderness album. Released in 2004; never saw it before. Makes sense, in that Sophie B. Hawkins had encountered the all-too typical “artistic differences” with her record label. In this … Continue reading

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William Ronald: Umbrella

Learned a lot about Canadian abstract art from William Ronald (1926-1998). In particular, his Sunday show on CBC Television, “The Umbrella”, which was largely unpredictable, from week to week. A mix of art, literature, film and music of the times. … Continue reading

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Still Crazy: Still Have It; Never Left

1998 movie, Still Crazy, about a pop band, Strange Fruit, reforming after twenty years. So many actors not known for this type of role: Bill Nighy, Stephen Rea and Timothy Spall. Jimmy Nail being the only one with a separate … Continue reading

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Another Night; Time to Hide

How so many songs can blend, both in terms of melody and theme. Have very much liked The Hollies, generally at earlier periods of their career, or at less commercial points of their later career. Allan Clarke having a distinct … Continue reading

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Universal moods, in terms of melody… As Oscar Peterson knows: So does Wes Montgomery: Goes around and around, all year round…

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Secondhand Holiday Stress

All this research about secondhand stress, based on stress being contagious. There’s a tentative neurological explanation for this, based on the discovery of mirror neurons. The same neurological elements that enable us to empathize with others also cause us to … Continue reading

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Levi Stubbs: Voice

He was the lead singer for The Four Tops. He could have had a solo career. He could have insisted on being billed as “Levi Stubbs and The Four Tops”, as so many other lead singers did. He did neither, … Continue reading

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Love Survival

Came across this story, “Young lovers stoned to death”, a Reuters story in the Ottawa Sun, on August 17, 2010. Searched for the online version of the story, and came up with “Taliban stone to death secret lovers“, from U.K. … Continue reading

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Jonny Lang: Walking Away

…now I’m glad It’s over and over There’s just one more thing That I want to say I truly loved you But now I’m walking away I put no one above you That’s why I’m walking away Nothing more to … Continue reading

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