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A year ago, I wrote about the “special class” in 1960s Saskatoon, of which I was a member, for a period. Last week, I found out that one of the few people I had reconnected with since that time, Marjorie … Continue reading

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Mandala, Harvey Scales and J. Geils Band: Love-Itis

Mandala first came out with it, at least in terms of the first time I heard it: Their version completely tears apart the place. Domenic Troiano chunk guitar, with horns following suit. Here is the true original, by Harvey Scales … Continue reading

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Sin Bearer III: Love Is Surely Gospel

In an e-mail message, Lorne commented as follows, in relation to the sentiments of Neil Remington Abramson expressed in “Sin Bearer II” (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): While I may disagree with some aspects of what Neil expresses in his … Continue reading

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Bill Champlin: Sons and Other

Some see a light That shines through the Darkest night Some people will remember his voice from a lot of hits by Chicago. I remember his voice from this incredible white funk band (as but one dimension, description doesn’t do … Continue reading

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Criminal Saviour II

Came across an old clipping of the Saddam Hussein trial, in 2006: “Saddam trial fans anger: Kurds say he must hang for genocide” (Uncredited, Reuters, August 21, 2006). Quoted in the article was one Kurd who said, “After what he … Continue reading

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Other Than Poetry: By The Book

I recently wrote to my friend, Ahmed Abualsamh, as follows: I very much like the poetry (I find the texts to be poetic) of The Qur’an and The Bible, even though I don’t know either that well. I would like … Continue reading

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