Jean Leloup: Canadian Blend

Was listening to Capitale Rock in the car, late yesterday. Heard this ambivalent mood with “I lost my baby, I lost my darling, I lost my friends, I lost my mind.” Liked the blend. Then the song breaks into French, speaking about how he lost everything to a woman in Ottawa, with a Hawkesbury background. First time that I can remember that Hawkesbury, Ontario has ever been referenced in a song. Then it makes sense; Hawkesbury as one of those smaller bilingual towns of Ontario. Francophone concentration. Think of Hearst, or Kapuskasing.

Turns out that the song is by renowned Quebec artist, Jean Leloup:

A song that should be heard on a lot of English radio stations as well. Song with a similar potential to Adam Mitchell’s “French Waltz”, originally well-respected in his own version, and then popularized by Nicolette Larson:

To me, this is the essence of Canadian music. Good to reminded of this, by Jean Leloup.
Postscript, November 30, 2011: This is ridiculous. It turns out that the song is from his album Le Dome, released in 1996, and I’m only hearing for the first time yesterday. So much music missed, solely as a matter of choice in English radio programming. Jean Leloup and so many other Quebec artists, with ready audiences elsewhere in Canada. Just need to hear it.


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