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Jean Leloup: Canadian Blend

Was listening to Capitale Rock in the car, late yesterday. Heard this ambivalent mood with “I lost my baby, I lost my darling, I lost my friends, I lost my mind.” Liked the blend. Then the song breaks into French, … Continue reading

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Health Driver

Started out in paradise This ain’t no promised land …Going out with dignity Going out with style About five years ago, my ex-wife was facing a serious operation. She was in great pain, but not pain of such seriousness as … Continue reading

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Predatory Marriage II

I have written about the legal effects of predatory marriages, and the concerns that arise in relation to the relative ease with which such marriages are held to be valid. Some have made important suggestions as to how to counter … Continue reading

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Predatory Marriage: Marry Me Today

Carry me away I know your angel eyes Can see through me …Marry me today Recently attended the Annual Estates Summit of the Law Society of Upper Canada. The beauty of law; never constant, always learning and where the more … Continue reading

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Peter Collinson, Manfred Mann and Mike Hugg: Up The Junction

All about music and mood of a film not yet seen: Up The Junction. 1968 film about class differences in Britain. Rich girl from Chelsea goes “slumming” in Battersea, to see how the other half (or the other 80%, at … Continue reading

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Equal Opportunity Nuance

Yesterday, the Prime Minister’s Office sent out a news release, concerning “Eid on the Hill” celebrations. The text follows. I forwarded it to my friend, Ahmed Abualsamh, with the following message: For your information, if you haven’t seen this already. … Continue reading

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Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck: Forces of Nature

One movie that I can’t get enough of, in terms of repetitive viewing, is Forces of Nature, a 1999 film, starring Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck. One summary: A soon-to-be-married man encounters an exciting stranger after his plane suffers an … Continue reading

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