Ian Lloyd and Fast Forward

Don’t mess with me
Cause I’m dangerous
And I always play to win

Am I talking in my sleep
Repeating incantations
Could it be a true life story
Or my imagination

I have previously written about how Ian Lloyd and Stories were much more than “Brother Louie“. In the early 1990s, I picked up a cassette by a band called Fast Forward, with a release called Living In Fiction. In a delete bin; cassettes were on their way to obsolescence. No band photo, at least on the cassette. Turned over the cassette and saw that Ian Lloyd was the lead vocalist of this band. Had to buy it immediately; anything by Ian Lloyd was to be listened to, due to his unique vocals. Played it a lot when I was writing the final version of my doctoral dissertation during 1992-1993, during the first of two years teaching and researching at the School of Business and Economics of Wilfrid Laurier University. My classes were scheduled later in the day and in the evening. I typically wrote from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., at the office, then going back to my apartment to sleep until 2 p.m. and start it up again. Did this most nights from September of 1992 to April of 1993, when the final version of the dissertation was submitted. Ended up cranking up Ian Lloyd and Fast Forward, in addition to Iggy Pop, on a regular basis. Power chords in the empty hallways.

I never had much of a sense as to what had happened to the band. The copyright on the cassette showed that it had originally been released in 1984. The material was so very, very rich. Here is one example, “Play To Win”, which I very much liked cranking up at 3 a.m., amidst empty offices:

Then the band could move into a mid-tempo number like “What’s It Gonna Take”, with nice hooks and unique orchestration, and which appears to have ended up being the single from the album:

Then the title cut, with lyrics a bit out there:

Plus a reflective song on the passage of time, relating to childhood, and including children’s voices:

One reason that all of this material is now available on YouTube may be because the Fast Forward album has been re-released on CD, by Renaissance Records, in 2009. Fortunately, the company released the CD at that time, since it is now out of business as of 2011, according to the website link. I haven’t digitalized any of my own record or cassette collection to date, assuming that digitalizing the latter is even possible, and so currently rely on others posting to YouTube for any music examples.

To my pleasant surprise, somebody appeared to have been equally impressed with the album as I was (and remain), and had started a Wikipedia page on the album. There was no band page, however, so I started one.

Ian Lloyd is my Facebook friend, and manages his own Facebook page. I wrote to him to find out more about Fast Forward, and what had happened to the band. On October 8, 2011, he wrote to me as follows (reproduced with permission):


Thanks for the info & for your updating of things I’ll never get to….but I will try to!

Re: FAST FORWARD – Here’s the short & sweet – It was my choice to not make it an Ian Lloyd album, but to give it a band name (as if it were a band). In reality, the whole recording was done with Bryan Adams’ band. He even gave me some of his tunes that were included on the record. I did get other artists to play in a live situation, which ironically added up to one video for “What’s It Gonna Take”, and one live performance – a live Canadian FM radio broadcast. I’ve got this recorded and will eventually release it on CD – (quality isn’t too good, but…)

Feel free to add any of this above info to Wikipedia, if you so desire.

Gotta Go



If you check out Ian Lloyd’s internet presence, you will find someone who is quite content with his current state or stage of life. He knows that he has made a difference. He spends a lot of time these days supporting his son David Lloyd’s band, Social Hero, which was originally established in 1998. Father and son seem to have a great respect for and comfort with each other. Would that so many could end up in such a space in life.
Postscript, January 20, 2012: It appears that Ian Lloyd has fortunately obtained copies of the CD that might have otherwise been remaindered, from the one reissue of the album to date on CD. He sent the following message, via the e-mail list of MachineDream Records, his current label:

Ian Lloyd’s “Fast Forward” CD Now Available (Limited Quantity)

January 20, 2012


A limited number of FAST FORWARD CDs are now available directly from Machine Dream Records.

FAST FORWARD was a solo IAN LLOYD project, promoted as the ‘group’ FAST FORWARD. In actuality it was ME doing a bunch of BRYAN ADAMS songs, [and other tunes] with Bryan’s band playing all the tracks. These CDs were manufactured by Renaissance records, and are long out of print. Get em while they last. Contact me directly at: info@machinedreamrecords.com to place an order.

1- FAST FORWARD CD [shrink wrapped, but if you like I will open it & sign it for you] $20.00 -p/h included / $25.00 outside the USA.

More things FAST FORWARD:

Here’s a link to the one & only FF video for the single “What’s It Gonna Take”:

Watch it before it disappears!

For more interesting facts about Fast Forward check out this Wikipedia page:





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