Reconnection Shutdown

Sometimes thinking about people not speaking for three decades or so. Some point in time where there was some connection, typically beyond friendship but not necessarily all that clear as to any direction. Parting sometimes badly, but often just parting, with or without words. Maybe the calls just stop.

Received a response e-mail from someone I hadn’t seen or spoken to since the late 1970s or so. Deeply touched. She mentioned she had two adult children now. Her internet presence told me that she had become quite successful in her field.

Started writing to her and much starting to rush out. Did you marry are you still married who is your spouse do either of your children follow your career I remember a time of deep offence I am still so sorry do you remember when we I remember when I first saw you somebody says she’s the woman in that red dress sendoff the one who could show gourmet cooking in ten minutes and could describe a past incident as from pages in a play I remember do you remember

She wrote back. I’m so excited; what did she think of my messaged expiations:

To be perfectly frank, Bruce, I stopped reading them. I do wish you well, but we needn’t connect to that extent.





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