Breakfast Club: Band Right On Track

With members of Madonna’s backing band, and with one hit, “Right On Track”:

And then, for some all-too-common reason, fading. Maybe it was the video, which took away from the funk of the music. Since on one album, the funk continued nicely througout, though with similar video setbacks on another single, “Never Be The Same”:

Some degree of video consistency with the mood of the song on “Kiss And Tell”:

The album came out in 1987. Somehow became important music when completing the latter period of researching and writing my doctoral dissertation, 1991-1993. Right on track, get you back…
Postscript, September 5, 2011: Plus, having been and gone, without protecting the future, they have lost the rights to the band name. It is now owned, by virtue of a trademark registration, by a 1980s tribute band, advertised as performing in “real 1980s clothes”.


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