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All Islam, No Democracy? (II)

I have previously referenced some commentary that asserts that Islamic thought is incompatible with democracy. The Islamic aspiration is asserted to favour an Islamic state, where any electoral franchise is exercised within the parameters of Islamic law. This view is … Continue reading

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Getting to Lee’s: High Time We Went

Saw a description of Lee’s Diner, in York, Pennsylvania. Mentioning that Lee’s has been operating since the 1950s, and still has the table music boxes, 3 songs for 25 cents. Remembering when these were still so common in the early … Continue reading

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Freddie Mercury: Too Much Love Will Kill You

AIDS-related deaths remain haunting, in terms of what might have been. In terms of the finality of the particular times. Knowing that you are going to pass, for reasons not intended. Feel that way about the death of Peter Allen, … Continue reading

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Financial Institutions and The Meaning of Failure: Closure Versus Merger

With all this talk about prospective bank failures in Europe and otherwise, plus concerns about contagion effects, I hope that some of the lessons from financial institution history will be remembered. It seems to be all in the optics. If … Continue reading

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Peter Boyle: Joe

My first introduction to actor Peter Boyle was in the 1970 film Joe. This was also my first introduction to Susan Sarandon, in her film debut. In the film, Boyle plays a blue collar worker who befriends an advertising executive, … Continue reading

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Past, Down and Around

Wondering about excessive, repetitive remorse. People saying don’t get tied to the past; can’t change what happened, anyway. My friend, Neil Remington Abramson, sent me some comments about remorse and repentance (reproduced with permission): In the past, I have written … Continue reading

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Reconnection Shutdown

Sometimes thinking about people not speaking for three decades or so. Some point in time where there was some connection, typically beyond friendship but not necessarily all that clear as to any direction. Parting sometimes badly, but often just parting, … Continue reading

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Ronnie Dunn, Reba: Voicepain of George Jones

People often speak about how the voice of George Jones conveys emotional pain in a way like no other. Here is an example: I find that Ronnie Dunn, formerly of Brooks and Dunn, comes closest to this level of emotion. … Continue reading

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Ontario: Greece Vision III –The New Quebec?

I have previously written about the apparent lack of public concern with Ontario’s accumulated debt and annual government deficits, which is particularly disturbing, during the current election. A recent Leger Marketing poll asked Ontarians which issues should be the focus … Continue reading

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All Islam, No Democracy?

I have previously written about the curse of elevated expectations, politically and otherwise, plus my shock at the protests in London on the day of the 9/11 commemorative services. I asked my friend Lorne why it seemed that in Islam, … Continue reading

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