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9/11 Pander

Was at a Ramadan Iftar celebration a few nights ago, at the suggestion of two friends, Ahmed and Mohamed. This particular occasion intended as an evening to introduce non-Muslims to the nature of Ramadan, plus as a community meal to … Continue reading

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Next Year Stones

Neil Remington Abramson wrote to me as follows (e-mail extract reproduced with permission): I was on the empty beach, throwing pebbles in the ocean, for my dog Kuma to chase. If I didn’t, he complained. He’s a big, old border … Continue reading

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He Doesn’t Register

…you are engaged in remembering someone engaged in forgetting. If I remember and you forget, then I wonder if my remembering is correct. Will she wonder if her forgetting is correct? Or will she forget whether she forgot? I bet … Continue reading

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Blue Cheer: I’m The Light, From Summertime Blues and Just A Little Bit

One foot in the astral world Other one in the grave This is where Blue Cheer was, in 1971: Much different from where they were, barely four years earlier, with “Summertime Blues: Lip-synching to the original hit, but without original … Continue reading

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Brickyard, Tower and Islamic Business Ethics

My childhood friend, academic Neil Abramson, seems to be in a tremendous number of intellectual domains. He once asked if I would like to contribute a business ethics paper, erroneously presuming that I knew anything substantial about Islamic ethics, based … Continue reading

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The Front: The Haunting

They’re afraid of the haunting Running fast and going nowhere Be careful what you wish for And what you’re gonna find there The Front: a Canadian band that came and went in the early 1980s, in two short albums and … Continue reading

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One Way Communication Ticket

We are all individuals, utterly alone, even within the crowd. I suppose that, in a way, broadcasting is the mindset of the novelist, who surely writes for someone, whether in truth they exist, or not. My childhood friend, Neil Abramson, … Continue reading

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