Jovovich and Macfadyen : .45

My admiration for Milla Jovovich is from two films: Dummy (2002), co-starring Adrien Brody, where she plays a klezmer punk singer, and this one: .45. (2006). There is a certain acting talent that can play roughness convincingly. In .45, her co-star is Angus Macfadyen. Together, they are a couple making their money selling guns on the street, in circumstances where Macfadyen, like Jovovich, can play darkend roughness in a very convincing and frightening way:

Jovovich is known as the star of the Resident Evil franchise. Macfadyen has yet to have his due; a recurring role in Californication , some work on Criminal Minds , some mixed associations with the Saw franchise, but little after .45 that is commensurate with the roughside talent demonstrated.


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  1. Ahmed Abualsamh says:

    Angus M. Has always been one of my admired actors. Ever since I saw him as lead actor opposite the unnaturally gorgeous Natasha Henstridge in Second Skin, an equally risqué film. He also played Rrrrroberrrrt the Brrrrrruce in Braveheart. As well as many more that can be found here.

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