How They Blend

Reading today about the death of former Grease star Annette Charles. Mention made that she had become a professor of speech in her later career, with her last position, commencing as of 2002, being at the California State University Northridge where, as Annette Cardona, she was associated with the Department of Chicano Studies. She had been involved in teaching speech since 1997, first teaching at Santa Monica College.

Reminds me of the career of Canadian actress Elizabeth Hanna, about whom I once wrote, in comparison to guitarist and music teacher Michael Toth. Nice when people are able to use one skill to contribute to more than one domain. Consider an accountant teaching in a theatre management course. Or a lawyer teaching in a philosophy of logic course. Or an engineer teaching in a landscaping course. Or a sculptor teaching in an autobody course. Maybe makes sense, or maybe none.

So much talk about the benefit of cross-discipline contributions, yet situations like those of Annette Charles and Elizabeth Hanna seem to remain comparatively rare. Potential for much broader contributions by many, too often overlooked.

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