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Self-Constructed Disgrace

I no longer drink socially. Drink exclusively at home, typically in the presence or company of my partner, who rarely drinks, and who won’t let me greet the dawn in the overend of some supposedly big moment zone, fired by … Continue reading

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Over and Over; Blackened

A small story in the local paper; a few centimetres in a corner of a page. Found it difficult to believe; what could be the logic or objective? I have accepted invitations to attend mosque services and related events during … Continue reading

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Chris Farlowe: Always In Time

Always impressive to encounter a performer who has not declined with age and, if anything, has improved from what was excellent before. One example of this is the singer Lulu. Another is singer Chris Farlowe, whose signature song is the … Continue reading

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When I Think of Angels

Was listening to the Bop Ensemble’s album for the second time. On loan from Harvey Glatt. Still trying to hear what he hears. Come across a song, “When I Think of Angels”, that seems to capture the sentiments of yesterday, … Continue reading

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Reports of Gaddafi’s compound in his hometown of Sirte being bombed today by the British, in circumstances where NATO’s bombing operations in Libya are under Canadian command. I thought that the UN Security Council Resolution was such that any bombing … Continue reading

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Bee Gees: You’ll Never See My Face Again

When they are young, it is the lyrical maturity that amazes. In 1969, when Barry Gibb was 23 and twin brothers Robin and Maurice were 20, The Bee Gees released the double album, Odessa. Included was this song, about the … Continue reading

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Jovovich and Macfadyen : .45

My admiration for Milla Jovovich is from two films: Dummy (2002), co-starring Adrien Brody, where she plays a klezmer punk singer, and this one: .45. (2006). There is a certain acting talent that can play roughness convincingly. In .45, her … Continue reading

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9/11 Pander

Was at a Ramadan Iftar celebration a few nights ago, at the suggestion of two friends, Ahmed and Mohamed. This particular occasion intended as an evening to introduce non-Muslims to the nature of Ramadan, plus as a community meal to … Continue reading

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Next Year Stones

Neil Remington Abramson wrote to me as follows (e-mail extract reproduced with permission): I was on the empty beach, throwing pebbles in the ocean, for my dog Kuma to chase. If I didn’t, he complained. He’s a big, old border … Continue reading

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He Doesn’t Register

…you are engaged in remembering someone engaged in forgetting. If I remember and you forget, then I wonder if my remembering is correct. Will she wonder if her forgetting is correct? Or will she forget whether she forgot? I bet … Continue reading

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