Why Protest Goodwill?

Turning off the television. Tired of CBC ramping up things over potential protests in Quebec City, concerning the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Yesterday, they tried to do the same thing with respect to the protests in Montreal–all thirty or so people. It’s like they want something to happen. Asking the Montreal protesters why so few and getting the response that the big one was Quebec City. Repeating this over and over in newscasts, like a public service announcement or invitation to negatives.

Don’t want to know what happens, as long as the Duke and Duchess are left alone. Whatever happens, thanks to CBC for contributing to the negatives. And this is only CBC English; havn’t checked CBC French yet.

Doesn’t matter what you think of the monarchy. For all the talk of privilege, the Duke has an earned military rank, and works regularly as a search and rescue helicopter pilot, a particularly important and respected role in Canada and Great Britain.

It says so much that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge go to Quebec the day after Canada Day. It says so little about those who protest a goodwill presence that should be seen as something to be very much valued, irrespective of one’s sentiments towards the monarchy.

With so much bad news and general negatives, it is so very uplifting to see two people trying to be consistently pleasant, encouraging and optimistic.

Would that there be many more in this world.

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1 Response to Why Protest Goodwill?

  1. I have nothing against William and Kate. They seem like a nice pair, and they seem to be good at PR and working crowds. They sure did a good job abating Quebec nationalist hostility, spending their day in the rehabilitation centre.

    I do, however, find this Canadian swoon in the presence of monarchy a rather strange phenomenon. William is what, about 30? As you say, he is a helicopter rescue pilot. If he wasn’t in line for the English throne, this wouldn’t qualify him for adulation. It reminds me of my favorite quote about Paris Hilton, who was said to be “famous for being famous”. And Kate wears pretty dresses, but why women are lining up for replicas is a mystery to me.

    If we ever get around to voting whether to continue the monarchy in Canada, I will have a problem. At heart, I suppose I deeply believe in the merit principle, and idolizing people because of the simple fact of their birth is not appealing to me. On the other hand, when I became a Canadian 40 odd years ago, they required me to swear loyalty to the Queen and her successors. I take the oath seriously, as I think one always should. So I would have to vote for the monarchy. But I don’t have to go all gaga about it.

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