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Arsis Estonian Youth Handbell Ensemble

Saw the Arsis Estonian Youth Handbell Ensemble earlier this evening, as a late announced opening act to an Ottawa Chamberfest presentation. Have now learned that there is a large Arsis Handbell School in Estonia, where younger players aspire to become … Continue reading

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Secret Life II: As Always

Having written about Secret Life and then finding some posted videos, end up in a bit of a run. While most of their material was original, they did a very effective arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s “As Always”, also known as … Continue reading

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Secret Life: Borrowed Time

When the fighting’s over, love won’t live on borrowed time. Secret Life was a band from England, that came and went in the 1990s. One album, Sole Purpose, and then disappearing with a bankrupt record label, Pulse-8 Records. Around 2000, … Continue reading

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Defining the talent

To me, it wasn’t “Rehab” or the stage images with the little dress and stagger. It was this one, towards the latter stages of her career, judging from the extent of the tattoos. No flash, no slink, no stagger. Clear … Continue reading

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Summer Political Laziness

Diversity of political perspectives in a democracy is to be encouraged. Gets disappointing when the supposed “natural governing party” of Canada, now reduced to third party status, still seems to be coasting. Here is an extract from an e-mail that … Continue reading

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God’s Business Card

Was involved with an e-mail exchange with my childhood friend, Neil Abramson, a business professor at Simon Fraser University. Discussing the pompous Wikipedia profile of a colleague, which has not yet been edited down. Colleague saying it wasn’t him; somebody … Continue reading

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Faces: Poolhall Richard and Dirty Guitar

Listening to the Faces’ “Poolhall Richard” and appreciating how much of that, or all of that distinctive “dirty guitar” sound, was due to Ron Wood. Wondering why it didn’t transition to the Rolling Stones: Ron Wood had it throughout, “Borstal … Continue reading

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