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When adding a postscript takes away

Wanted to add to the Richard Patterson Tribute. Then saw additions as taking away from the moment. So here is a postscript, separately positioned and not so called. Rush of people and time. People I knew, or didn’t know, and … Continue reading

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Termite of Temptation

See this guy on the bench, many days and nights, on my way to the parking lot. Always wearing sunglasses, light or dark. Always talking to himself. Not bothering anyone; talking only to himself. Mid-50s, with apparently somewhere to sleep … Continue reading

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Angry Dance to Focus

Another film scene that says a lot. Billy Elliot, and how physical movement is much more than escape: Thought that so much would happen to Jamie Bell after this performance. I didn’t know quite what happened; maybe he faded away? … Continue reading

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Accountants: Chartered, Certified, Public, General

There’s merger talks, again. Chartered Accountants and Certified Management Accountants, after the Certified General Accountants dropped out. Suggested appellation: CPA. Looks like the American, no? The American Certified Public Accountant. Turns out it is not; we will be known, post-merger, … Continue reading

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Driving Wheel Variations

Well I just came up On the midnight special Honey, how about that Wrote about a rare public appearance of David Wiffen at the Richard Patterson Tribute. How he had written one of the most internationally successful songs in Ottawa … Continue reading

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Richard Patterson Tribute

Was at the Richard Patterson tribute last night. Historic occasion, in a room of two hundred plus, most of whom were directly or indirectly connected to Ottawa-based music in the 1960s, 1970s and, in some cases, beyond. Harvey Glatt leading … Continue reading

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Rascals: Time Will Tell

Often, a band will pass its public prime, but still be creating magnificent music. One example of this is The Rascals. Originally known as The Young Rascals, their biggest hit was one of their first, “Good Lovin’“: By 1970, two … Continue reading

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Elton John’s Good Taste II

…in this powerful duet with the great Jennifer Rush. Almost impossible to believe that this is nearly twenty-five years old. Clothes may be 80s, but the lyrics and hooks are timeless:

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Naive Intention

One of my legal colleagues referred to me as a “naive dupe” over this front page legal news. I blew up, blowing my cover. Easier to play the timid, the doddering and the gullible, the older one gets. Easier to … Continue reading

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Elton John’s Good Taste

Seem to be going on a Lulu run. This being Elton John and Lulu showing their respective talents in duet: Elton John produced Lulu’s 1978 album, Don’t Take Love For Granted, considered by many to be one of her very … Continue reading

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