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Maximizing Social Assistance, Despite Other Resources

Most jurisdictions have some form of social support for those who need help and have no other resources. In Ontario, apart from municipal welfare programs, there is the Ontario Disability Support Program. It is there to help those who, for … Continue reading

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More than filling in the form

See the ads on television and elsewhere–buy the will kit. Spend a few dollars, plus shipping and handling. Fill it in and just as good as anything a lawyer might prepare, right? Encountering lawyers doing wills as a sideline. Just … Continue reading

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Money Is and Isn’t

In late 1971, Little Richard had a potential hit on his hands, with the lead song in the film Dollar$, starring Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn. The song “Money Is”, written by Quincy Jones, jumped off the grooves of the … Continue reading

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When it’s bad…

From the Wikipedia page on MacArthur Park (song) (retrieved May 23, 2011): Negative press “MacArthur Park”‘s unusual metaphors and sentimentality have made it a frequent target of parody and ridicule over the years. In 1992, humorist Dave Barry conducted a … Continue reading

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Hidden Blues 1972: Rolling Stones

There’s Stones In Exile (2010), a film about the making of Exile on Main St. and the general circumstances of The Rolling Stones in 1972, There’s Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones (1974), a concert film relating to a limited … Continue reading

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Vapourizing The Seniors Benefit: Fifteen Years On

In 1996, Minister of Finance and later Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin proposed in his budget something called the Seniors Benefit. No apostrophe; a benefit “for” does not involve the possessive, though this in some respects was the essence of … Continue reading

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Noticed, Treasured

I once had a brilliant student from China who originally came from an extremely impoverished background. Several children in the family, before the one-child policy. Not enough food to go around; the boys got more, to her resentment. All her … Continue reading

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Standing Festival

Am encountering more and more indoor venues where one is expected to stand all night to see the performance. Music commentator Bob Lefsetz points out that this is called “festival seating”, which means standing. The term comes from outdoor festivals … Continue reading

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No Beast Johnny

When dealing with group assignments, used to arrange my students randomly; no self-selection. Idea that you generally can’t choose with whom you work, so better to get used to differences now. Plus, a way to encourage more diversity of participation, … Continue reading

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Jack Nicholson and 30 Seconds, Easy Rider 1969

Lots of people see the movie Easy Rider as representing grand themes of the times. For me and, it appears, a number of others, the film represents one thirty second moment from Jack Nicholson, found here: Start the day; get … Continue reading

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