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Contender Political Ditch

One of the most significant movies for me over the past few years is The Contender, starring Jeff Bridges as the U.S. president, Joan Allen as a vice-presidential nominee and Gary Oldman as the Senator intent on derailing Allen’s vice-presidential … Continue reading

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Musical Caffeine

During the course of doctoral studies, spent a fair amount of time on midnight buses between Toronto and Montreal. Arriving in either city around 6 a.m. or so, disgorged from the moving metal box. Fogged and covered with one’s own … Continue reading

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Jack and Sarah

There are certain films that are very much “slice of life”–portraying the existence of people at a particular point in time, without any direct larger theme–or, at least, a larger theme that is not immediately evident. One such film, in … Continue reading

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Easter Passover

This year, Easter and Passover overlap. Often they don’t. However, both holidays create potential problems for Canadian accounting firms, since much tax work, particularly personal tax work, must be completed by April 30. I once worked for a firm of … Continue reading

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Isabella Downstairs Lounge

Hotel Isabella, late 1970s Toronto and beyond. Hotel so called because located at Sherbourne and Isabella. Two lounges: upstairs Cameo Lounge, with lots of rounded windows, like somebody’s special living room. Also a downstairs lounge; can’t remember if it ever … Continue reading

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Artist Never Left: Harvey Glatt

One of the most significant events for me over the last few years was meeting William Hawkins, who became my publicly-disclosed client. Through William Hawkins, another most significant event for me over the last few years was meeting Harvey Glatt. … Continue reading

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Warwick Hotel II

Since it was the neighbourhood bar, I went there often, on a whim–later at night, around the corner from where I lived at the time. Never to the upstairs neighbourhood drinking lounge; always to the downstairs neighbourhood strip lounge. Downstairs … Continue reading

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Brenda Patterson: Forty Years On

Every once in a while, searching to find out what happened to a singer from the past who should have become much, much better known. One such singer being Brenda Patterson. A few albums in the early 1970s, then no … Continue reading

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Game Spirit: Jacques Laperri√®re

Hockey everywhere as a child in Saskatoon. Playing shinny, with tennis balls and no skates, at recess. Hockey in the evenings and weekends. Many different teams, leagues, skill levels. All rinks being outdoors. Playing in snowstorms. Dedication to personal heroes … Continue reading

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