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He owned a small men’s clothing store in a mid-sized shopping mall. He was a graduate of Upper Canada College. This was in the 1980s; I was there as the lawyer as student-in-accounts, reviewing his books. Times were not good. … Continue reading

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Warwick Hotel

The Warwick Hotel was located at the corner of Jarvis and Dundas Streets in Toronto. It was around the corner and down the street from where I lived, at Sherbourne and Dundas, between 1977 and 1981. As of the late … Continue reading

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No Canadian-Made Accounting Standards; No Problem?

Imagine that the federal and provincial governments had given away their rights to establish laws in their respective constitutional jurisdictions, in favour of following laws established by the United Nations. I suspect that most would find this objectionable, based on … Continue reading

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André M. Bluteau: Green Eyes Flashing

First heard André M. Bluteau as an opening act at a Kelp Records fall, 2010 celebration, the Kelp Records Fall Classic. Kelp Records, the Ottawa-based independent record label of some sixeen years existence, breaking and developing various acts. Very egalitarian; … Continue reading

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Tom Waits, André M. Bluteau

In 1977, I saw Tom Waits for the first time, at the New Yorker Theatre, in Toronto, on a bad date. This was during the period when he was far more intelligible than at present. He was still building on … Continue reading

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Special Friends Program

In 1980, following a limerance shutdown and class-based shutout, I was beginning to wonder about the value of many things. I decided that I needed to give back, to help someone more in need than I was, to get rid … Continue reading

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Thought maybe, just maybe…

…with a majority government so close, that perhaps some respect for democracy would start to show. Contrary to the recent past, in particular. Instead, “over-zealous” staff end up blamed for what seems to be a mindset that doesn’t appear to … Continue reading

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