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Capitale Journée

Was on my way to work and flipping radio channels in the car. Suddenly hearing Richard Séguin’s “Journée d’Amérique”: Couldn’t believe it. Pivotal song from a pivotal album of the same title, from the 1980s. Getting into Richard Séguin originally … Continue reading

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One Time Protection

Most of my life, it was my father who looked out for me. Rarely an opportunity to look out for him, and no opportunities to repay past kindnesses, through care in later life. With one exception. In 1982, I was … Continue reading

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Curse of Elevated Expectations

My best friend speaks of the “curse of elevated expectations” , when discussing relationships. Actually, he is more inclined to speak of the “curse of expectations”, period. The idea that it is very unwise to anticipate that any behaviours will … Continue reading

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Snowdrift Bassoon

Having played in the Saskatoon summer school concert orchestra, I had developed an interest in learning more about the bassoon. Turned out in Saskatchewan at that time, there weren’t many with such an interest. From what I was told, the … Continue reading

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Many Needing Financial Oversight

Wondered what had happened to the story from last summer. It’s reprinted below. Can’t find anything. Perhaps means that matters not completed or that no wrongdoing was found. Could also mean that reporters moved on from the original story, with … Continue reading

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Speaking to the other side

Some of my legal colleagues. With despair. These days, I’m the only Conservative in the firm, with my closest Conservative legal associate being out of commission for a period. Like watching a family member going seriously off and not being … Continue reading

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Political Priest Broker

There are no longer any Catholic priests sitting in the Canadian House of Commons, or in any other Canadian legislature. To the best of my knowledge, no Catholic nun has sat as an elected representative in a Canadian legislature. For … Continue reading

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Larger Valentine

Family allows one to replicate circumstances of one’s childhood, such as the practice of giving a Valentine’s Day card to everyone in the primary school class. Experiencing same when my own children reach the same age. General feeling of happiness … Continue reading

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Mosque Visit

Ended up discussing a will with a prospective client. He ended up inviting me to the mosque. We still haven’t done the will. He took me to the major mosque in Ottawa, for the Friday service. Had the Qur’an to … Continue reading

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Imperial Public Library

The internet tells me it is still there, some thirty-five years later. Same place on Dundas Street East, just off Yonge. The upstairs bar with old jazz on the jukebox. First place I appreciated Peggy Lee. Mills Brothers’ “Cab Driver”, … Continue reading

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