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No Grave Disposition

In the wills and estate component of my law practice, I find that a surprising number of clients have no interest in a grave or any other form of remembrance. Just burn me up and have someone throw me somewhere; … Continue reading

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Mixed Marriage

My parents married in 1947. He was Catholic, she was Protestant. She wouldn’t convert and wouldn’t agree to raise all the children as Catholics. So they married in the United Church. His side of the family waiting outside, not entering … Continue reading

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Suspended Animation

Around this time in 1992, I received an urgent message from the Chair of the Accounting Department at Concordia’s John Molson School of Business, as it then was not known. He handed me a suspension notice. I was pulled out … Continue reading

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Strength in No Second Takes

When I saw The Who in 1969, I was struck by how expressionless drummer Keith Moon was, contrary to the manic style for which he was more commonly known. He played superbly, but without looking at either the audience or … Continue reading

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Secret Wint Slam

In late 2010, it was recommended that I attend a poetry reading. Had not done this for some forty years. Went to the Mercury Lounge in Ottawa’s Byward Market, where poets were performing. Or reading. Preferred the performance. First exposure … Continue reading

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The Who, Capitol Theatre, 1969

People reflect on the best concerts they have ever seen. One of the best that I have seen recently was Richie Havens at Centrepoint Theatre in Ottawa, in 2008. Here he is in his 70s, sounding as good as he … Continue reading

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Passing Client

He came to see me a few years ago. Came into the office in electric wheelchair. Operated with one hand, the fingers curled up. Learned about how lack of muscle activity causes the tightening. The only hand that now worked … Continue reading

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New Direction in The Mix

After the law school year ended in 1975, I drove out to Saskatchewan, nonstop, with a classmate. Worried about driving off the road in the middle of the night in northern Ontario. Left in Regina, as he went further west … Continue reading

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Estate Settlement

Wills and estates are a major component of my law practice. Good timing in life, in that I know estate issues first hand, having been a co-trustee with my sister of my father’s estate. I also am familiar with the … Continue reading

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Perpetual Corner of Light

Wanted to write about my ex-wife’s childhood church, in Grosswerder, Saskatchewan, to which her family travelled from Cactus Lake. Sleighs in winter. Observing the Catholic feast days. Visited the church–St. Anthony’s Church–in 1984, at the same time as I visited … Continue reading

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