Model From Colombia

Everywhere I have worked, I have generally worked late into the evening. Could be that I am more productive in the evening, or perhaps just not that productive at all.

I was associated with the Department of Accountancy at the John Molson School of Business (as it then was not known) of Concordia University during the 1987-1992 period. Various mentor-based arrangements there facilitiated my doctoral studies in Organizational Behaviour at the Schulich School of Business (as it also then was not known) in Toronto.

When in Montreal during my first two years there, I worked late in the Guy Metro Building. As in just about every institutional setting, the cleaning staff were contracted out, rather than being employees of the university. As in most of these contract situations, people came and went, as contracts came and went.

For a couple of months, every evening there would be a group of Spanish-speaking cleaners. One cleaner in particular stood out. Tall, thin, with long auburn-coloured hair.

Pleasantries exchanged from time to time. One night, I asked her what she had been doing before she got into this. She said she had been a model in Colombia. Made sense. To me, people with a background in modeling don’t just look different from most people; their whole presence and demeanour are different. I could see her swirling in a world of fashion.

What didn’t make sense was why she was now picking up my dirt. From runway to trash. She said that this was until she had perfected her French.

But why leave Colombia? No answer.

I guess no need to answer, in terms of what was going on in Colombia around the same time, as I now know, such as the infamous Palace of Justice siege of 1985.

One evening, she was gone. Another contract, another crew.

Hope she ended up back on a runway.

Or content with a choice to rebuild far away from it.

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