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Wrong Place, Time, Decade

Dr. John certainly had the situation verbally and musically pictured in his 1973 release: I been in the right place But it must have been the wrong time I’d have said the right thing But must have used the wrong … Continue reading

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Fatherhood at 60 plus: No shoorah

…she’s grown like pampas Tall in the wind, just simple and spiteful She’s all girl, woman and mother She’s had my children, and she’s been my lover “So where’s the shoorah?” she sang You know I hear it again, my … Continue reading

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Christmas Drivethrough, 1990

This year, as has been the case for many years, Christmas was generally peaceful and devoid of conflict. Wasn’t always so. Christmas in 1990 was the first Christmas after my mother had died, the previous July. My father, devastated in … Continue reading

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Yuletide Window, 1992

Coming back on the bus from Wilfrid Laurier University. Stop in Toronto before exchange to Ottawa. Running out of time. Running out of money. No presents. Ready to give up, to succumb to the peace of not being ready for … Continue reading

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Respect for all futures

When Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced a proposed nationally-endorsed private pension plan, the pooled registered pension plan, he was quick to point out that (1) the plan must be offered by employers, (2) employees will be deemed to have accepted … Continue reading

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The two summa cum laude graduates of my law school class of 1976 at the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, of the University of Ottawa are John Manley and J-P. (Jean-Paul) Bisnaire. They are the gold and silver medalists, … Continue reading

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Classical Summer

In the summer of 1963, music professor (later Dr.) David Kaplan of the University of Saskatchewan did something particularly and uniquely entrepreneurial, at least for that time and that place: he started a summer classical music school. This was at … Continue reading

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Keeper of The Flame, Alive or Dead

I have previously written about how challenging it can be to make a contribution to Wikipedia in an area where someone knows much more about the subject. Certain editors assume the role of particularly vigilant gatekeepers. For example, try to … Continue reading

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