Dara Bascara and Narcisse

Over the past decade, I have been engaged on a number of occasions, as a part-time instructor, to teach a section of Accounting Theory to undergraduates. Students are encouraged to consider the communication of ideas to broader audiences, such as through a vehicle like this. This term, material developed by other students in different parts of the world has been used as course material. The material is by Dara Bascara and Narcisse.

Dara Bascara is a graduate student in philosophy. She is also a professional model, as I found out through a later internet search. She wrote and placed online a paper discussing the conflicts between Thomas Kuhn and Karl Popper. The paper is used in the Accounting Theory course to illustrate different approaches to the philosophy of knowledge, as applied to accounting research. It appears that Dara Bascara hasn’t carried this paper forward to her new website (a cached version of the paper is linked herein), though she is still engaged in communicating her ideas to a wider audience, as illustrated here.

Narcisse is a graduate student in accounting. He chose to publish his views on earnings management for a wider audience, including a summary of some of the leading views here. This generated a small debate with one of his readers. Both Narcisse’s initial views and the debate are used in the Accounting Theory course.

Student groups are required to study the contributions to accounting knowledge of leading accounting academics. The groups are encouraged to consider developing a Wikipedia page for the academic, if one does not already exist, or to add to an existing page. An example of a student initiative is that relating to Patricia O’Brien. Improvements are still required, though it remains an admirable attempt.

Knowledge has a much wider and receptive audience than is often appreciated.
Postscript, July 4, 2011: A recent (June, 2011) interview with Dara Bascara may be found here, in which she discusses her career as a model, as well as her academic aspirations, which include doctoral studies in the fall of 2011.

Postscript, September 6, 2015: The cached version of the Dara Bascara article does not appear to be accessible, so a version may be found here:

Bascara, Dara on Kuhn and Popper

In addition, her articles on diverse topics, plus links to many, are now found here.

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