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Slaughterhouse II

In reflecting on the Slaughterhouse story, it seems that there needs to be more on the continuum of social adaptation and general social change. The fact that, for religious reasons, particular slaugherhouse owners won’t slaughter pigs would seem to provide … Continue reading

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Potash Cartel?

I recently attended a panel discussion involving a post-mortem on the abandoned BHP Billiton takeover bid for Potash Corp. It’s difficult to call it “Saskatchewan’s Potash Corp”, since it is U.S.-owned. It is difficult to call it “Saskatchewan-based Potash Corp”, … Continue reading

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“Are you glad to be back?”

In late summer of 1994, the severe fractures in my marriage, plus some other factors, caused me to move into a dark corner from which I didn’t want to leave. Unplanned, situational trigger. One more slam to put you over. … Continue reading

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Legal Education: What The Law Student Doesn’t Know

During my time (1973-1976) at the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section of the University of Ottawa, the Law Faculty prided itself in the fact that it produced graduates who were particularly competent to enter the practice of law. Then, … Continue reading

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My family moved back to Ottawa from Saskatoon in May of 1966. Just before the end of Grade 7. Just after spending roughly six months at my former Saskatoon primary school, Grosvenor Park, after flaming out at Brunskill. A bit … Continue reading

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Musicians and Schizophrenia

I had wondered what had happened to one of my favourite bands of all time, Moby Grape. When I searched, I found out, to my shock, that not one, but two of the band members, Skip Spence and Bob Mosley, … Continue reading

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Van Morrison, Le Hibou, 1970

Le Hibou was a nationally-recognized coffeehouse in Ottawa, Canada, that operated in the 1960s and 1970s. You will see from its Wikipedia page that there is a running dispute as to ownership of its history, which results in a page … Continue reading

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Slaughterhouse and The Nasty

The following is an exchange of comments in relation to a news story that is posted thereafter. Two of the three comments are anonymous; I wonder why. mfarha 8:05 AM on November 23, 2010 First, I would like to thank … Continue reading

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Janferie Stone: Constructively Reconstructing The Past

I entered the University of Toronto in 1970, at the age of seventeen. St. Michael’s College. One of the first people I met was Jan Longhurst, then at Victoria College, also from Ottawa, and also seventeen, as I recall. She … Continue reading

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Invisible Aboriginals

I don’t remember encountering any aboriginals when I was a child in 1960s Saskatoon. No aboriginals in my class. No aboriginals on any street, uptown or down, at least to my eye. In the summer of 1964, my parents decided … Continue reading

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