Shorter time
Easier fade

Four Tops capturing a universal

Through these walls so thin
I hear my neighbors when
They say
“She don’t love him, she don’t love him”
They say
My heart’s in danger


I can’t believe I’ve been replaced
If I’ve ever ever dreamed before
Somebody tell me I’m dreaming now

Somebody shake me, wake me
When it’s over, when it’s over
Somebody tell me
That I’m dreaming

Still waiting for the version that bites to

I close my ears not wanting to hear
But the words are loud and clear

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Shakespears Sister: Moonchild

There’s a moonchild for everyone
You’re not the only one

Seems to bite from Shakespears Sister’s Hormonally Yours (1992):

Written by Siobhan Fahey, Marcella Detroit (aka Marcy Levy) and the late Steve Ferrara.

Don’t you feel sorry for yourself
The world’s out there

Most of the album co-written by Fahey and Detroit, yet Detroit was dropped from the duo following the album’s release and a tension-filled tour.

Too much starlight.

Or too much moonshadow.

Birds can fly
And fish can swim
But on this planet
Where do I fit in

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In the line II

Further on “In the line“, from Philippe Debeusscher, “Allies cool to Bush call to strike Iraq”, Agence France Presse and Reuters, via National Post, September 7, 2002, p. A13:

George W. Bush personally lobbied the leaders of Russia, China and France yesterday to support his campaign to oust Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein, but made little apparent progress.

The U.S. President made 10-minute telephone calls to Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Jiang Zemin of China and Jacques Chirac of France to emphasize the “need to make the world more peaceful”, according to White House spokesman Ari Fleisher.

But all three continued to express doubts about the administration’s desire for a military strike to remove Saddam.

“In the course of discussions, President [Putin] expresses his serious doubts concerning the basis–both in international law and the global political sense–of using force against Iraq,” top Kremlin spokesman Alexei Gromov said…

Bill Graham, [Canada’s] Foreign Minister said…”Canada believes very strongly in the rule of law, we believe very strongly in a world where multilateral institutions will give us global governance in a say that will increase security for all of us. And therefore to set aside those institutions and to go outside them creates dangerous precedents that we certainly would not want to do except in very exceptional circumstances.”

Rule of law…

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“That’s why I’m so well-tempered. I avoid anything that’s real.”

Well you say you got the blues
Got holes in both of your shoes
Feeling alone and confused
You got to keep on smiling
Keep on smiling

Comment by the same friend.

Keep on smiling through the rain
Laughing at the pain
Rolling with the changes
‘Til the sun comes out again

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“I don’t like anything that makes me feel things. That’s why I listen to rap music.”

Comment from a friend, reacting to a David Blue song.

Gotta bad habitz:

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In the line

From Philippe Debeusscher, “Allies cool to Bush call to strike Iraq”, Agence France Presse and Reuters, via National Post, September 7, 2002, p. A13:

Only Tony Blair, Britain’s Prime Minister, has offered clear support for U.S. plans, and Mr. Blair is to discuss Iraq with Mr. Bush today at the Camp David presidential retreat…

In a BBC interview to be aired this weekend, excepts of which were released yesterday, Mr. Blair replied “yes” when asked if Britain was ready to “pay the blood price” of its close relationship with the United States…

Bill Graham, the [Canadian] Foreign Minister, said to support the idea of an attack on Iraq, Canada would want clear proof that Saddam was about to engage in acts that could destabilize the region or use weapons of mass destruction against its neighbours…

Asked whether Canada would refuse to send troops to take part in a unilateral U.S. military operation against Iraq if it felt the proof was lacking, he replied: “Right.”

Part of a continuum, where it is very unclear that the then Iraqi government could have done much to change predeterminations.

Particularly within days of the first anniversary of 9/11, who could say no?

Some did.

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“Pain is a great changer of ways.”

Eulogy comment of a family member of the deceased.

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