In terms of successfully resisting a particular temptation, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission):

Didn’t want to screw up.

Don’t want to screw up.

I never told anyone, except God.

I suppose He knew, and wanted to see if I knew.

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In relation to Lorne Anderson’s recent comments on leadership, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission):

I have my own ideas about leadership that might seem a bit curious for a business prof who teaches, researches, and has published on leadership. I personally believe that people could do very well without most leaders, if they were willing to take responsibility for their actions, and made genuine efforts to get along altruistically with others.

The evolutionary psychology literature finds that the basis for human coping strategies is either “self-interest” or “altruism.” I have no time for self-interested leaders who expect others to sacrifice for their benefit. I’m afraid I would include a Churchill who sent thousands to their deaths from the comfort of his London bomb shelter. A leader who expects his followers to die for him should be equally willing to die for them – like an Alexander the Great or a George Patton.

A leader who uses his position to attract and have sex with admiring followers – JFK (and Mao Zedong) come to mind – is taking advantage for personal self- interest and I hardly think that appropriate. We call it sexual harassment when its not the great leader doing it.

The greatest leader in our Western culture was the Lord Jesus Christ. He served followers who were unreliable and who did not serve him in return. He died not only for the followed he had but for all who would follow. He held resolutely to his values, even in the face of death, and asked for no special benefits just because he was God. Jesus Christ was the archetypal altruistic leader. I wish there were more like Him.

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You felt like a feather
I don’t belong here
I want a perfect soul
So very special
Wish I was special

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When you gonna call

When you gonna call
I think it’s worth the time

Another Eddie Money song that captures the essence of relationship: From his Can’t Hold Back album (1986). Co-written by John Cesario, Michele Collyer, and Steve Mullen.

Here I am
Standing in circles

There won’t be a reason
Just a well-rehearsed explanation

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Foikin Foik

Overheard a legal colleague using the F-word, in discussing a particularly frustrating case. Used it again. And again. First time I had heard her curse, in any form.

Use the F-word far too often, and find that, when used, it serves as its own escalation. Unnecessarily so.

Profanity as its own particular scream. Unnecessarily so.

Almost like if you want to show you’ve lost a grip on the issue or situation, start swearing.

Research is unclear as to prospective benefits or detriments from swearing.

Cat just ran across the keyboard.


“It’s kind of like a drug, in your brain.”

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Xhemail Mustafa

Came across this 2000 Toronto Star article:

Outspoken Kosovo activist gunned down in stairwell

R. Jeffrey Smith
Special to The Star
November 24, 2000

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia–Xhemail Mustafa had long been an outspoken advocate in Kosovo of non-violent dissent…

As he entered his apartment building in the capital’s Dardania neighbourhood yesterday afternoon, two men approached him in the stairwell and shot him six times at close range…

For the past three years, Mustafa, 46, served as the top media advisor to Ibrahim Rugova, the pacifist political leader of Kosovo…

The slaying was at least the third act of violence against officials or prominent representatives of Rugova’s political party, the Democratic League of Kosovo, since it won the largest share of votes cast in municipal elections last month. The balloting forced out of many local offices members of three rival parties formed from the ethnic Albanian guerrilla movement, known as the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

Rugova’s non-violent stance made him a despised figure among leaders of the KLA, a group that fought two wars for Kosovo’s independence from Yugoslavia, in 1988 and 1999. A handful of Rugova’s colleagues had been beaten up, kidnapped or killed during the election campaign.

Once they get the bloodthirst…

Well, at least Xhemail Mustafa has a Wikipedia page, though it is described as having “multiple issues”.

Postscript, September 29, 2014: Added to his Wikipedia page. Now it says “refimprove”.

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Econoline Crush: Psychotic

Looking for attention
Coming back with pain

Econoline Crush. Band that seemed to have something that would last much longer. From the album Ignite (2008):

Take all you can
Til nothing is left

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