God Himself is the judge of Tyrone, like He’s the judge of us. He was more than just a convict, more than just a man on the run. He was a person…of tremendous value. Ty was caught and paid a price on this earth. We look at people incarcerated and say they’ve been duly caught, tried, judged and condemned. All men have sinned and fallen short of God’s perfect ideal.

Reverend Rick Sheasby, Salvation Army, Belleville, at the funeral of Ty Conn, May 28, 1999, as reported by Kevin Hann“Escaped con ‘paid his price'”. Ottawa Sun, May 29, 1999: 7.

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Knew paternal grandfather had died of a heart attack, at the age of 49. Didn’t put the pieces together as to time and context. Birth record for Adjutor Larochelle shows that he was born in August, 1894. So he died in 1943–in the middle of World War II, when my father was 21. And soon off to war, and the prison camp.

Chaos to chaos.

At 49, he stopped smoking.

Never saying much about the past.

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Hendrik Meurkens

Listening to CHUO, University of Ottawa radio station, hearing Hendrik Meurkens for the first time. Jazz harmonica:


Particular whisper and wail…

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He drives a ’57 coupe
Walks with a stoop
Swears James Dean isn’t dead

A side of Foreigner not emphasized in mid to later career. Nice dirty guitar and chunk. Written by Lou Gramm and Mick Jones, from the band’s eponymous first album, 1977:

He’s got an old Fender Strat
Plays behind his back
While he sings out Louie, Louie

Somebody getting odd, but something still beautiful.

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Club Darkness

Friend told me about a recent club setup, with chill. She is at club with regular friend; not yet longer-term, committed couple, but getting there. Dancing in a manner that clearly shows they are not strangers to each other.

She goes to washroom. Companion waits around. Stranger suddenly comes up to him, saying “I know her. She comes here every night to pick up guys.” In fact, she has been there twice before, once with the companion.

When she gets back, her companion tells her it is time to leave.

Fortunately, the companion decided to leave with his date. The intended setup? Get him angry enough at her supposed “looseness”, so that he storms out of the place. When she emerges from the washroom, he is gone. The predator stranger appears, telling her that her friend has left with someone else. She becomes upset, without a ride out of the club, and the predator stranger offers corrupt assistance. All in front of his two friends, who are watching the setup, and hoping to get in on the dividends.

Definitely no Left Banke time here:

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A friend was studying at the law library and came across this, in a class composite (Class of 1976):


His comment:

A person never knows where time will take him. All what matters is what a person leaves behind him. Wealth and fame will surely fade, good fingerprints will surely stay.

Wonder what marks…

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Mark Lindsay: 1989, 2011, 2013

Rap music is probably the most original music since rock and roll.

Mark Lindsay still has the voice, in 2013, at the age of 71:

And two years earlier:

So many who don’t fade…

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